Well, I went ahead and done done it.

Certainly not Mrs. Snipes, my High School Vice Principal. I have to admit, to some degree, neither did I. Not because I didn't think I could do it. No. I just never believed that there was ever enough interest in my work. (Still not entirely convinced of that, but no turning back now.)

Now that you're here, let me extend my thanks. With this site, and this blog, I'll be able to develop a relationship with you, and share this journey of mine to take over the art world when I'm supposed to be retiring instead.


Wait, don't go! It'll be fun, I promise.




I'm just kidding about the whole taking-over-the-art-world thing.


Don't get all worried.


Stick around with me, watch me try my damndest to not screw it all up, and laugh at my shenanigans. It will be like watching a slow-moving train wreck, but who doesn't like a good train wreck...am I right?